Attendance Hotline

NEW! ATTENDANCE HOTLINE!! 714-893-6571 EXTENSION 4565 In a rush? Need to call in an absence for your student? Don’t have time to wait on hold?? Don’t worry, it’s as easy as leaving a message!! Call our ALL NEW ATTENDANCE OFFICE ABSENCE HOTLINE at extension 4565!!

Make-up Work

Make-up work will be issued by the teacher for excused absences only and the student may make up the work at the discretion of the teacher. The student is responsible to go to the teacher to get the make up homework assignments. An absence deemed a parent request is an unexcused absence, and the student […]

Attendance FAQ

Q: What if my student needs to leave campus before the day ends? A: If a student comes to school and must leave for any reason, he/she must check out with the Attendance Office or Health Office before leaving school or the absence will be considered a truancy. See Express Check-Out above. Q: What happens […]

Express Check-out

EXPRESS CHECK-OUT FROM THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE! Leaving school early? Do you have a medical appointment? Here are a few helpful hints to help make checking out even easier! Bring a note from a parent or guardian with this important information: Have the note include your name and student ID number. Include the date, time, reason […]

Guidelines for Fan Behavior

Acceptable Behavior Have as much fun as humanly possible while abiding by the following guidelines. Maintain enthusiasm and composure, serving as a role model. Participate positively in the event or contest by supporting the coaches and participants. Exercise good judgment in cheering for outstanding performance, not against opponents or to ridicule an error. Follow the […]

Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Plan

If an actual disaster occurs during times other than classroom hours, students report to their3rd period. When returning to the period three teacher, be sure to stay clear of all buildings and overhangs. In an actual disaster, this could be of crucial importance. If students are evacuated from classrooms they are to move quickly to […]

Vehicles & Parking Permits

It is a privilege to bring a vehicle to school and parking facilities are provided as a convenience for students. Failure to comply with all MHS and/or the California Vehicle Code Regulations may result in disciplinary actionand a citation. All vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles and autos must be parked in designated areas.The side roads and back […]

Technology Use

With the infusion of technology into the classroom comes responsibility. If a student violates the privilege he/she will no longer be allowed to access any of the computers at Marina High School. In addition, students who inappropriately use the equipment (i.e. bypass acceptable student areas in the software, steal passwords, attempt or complete the bypass […]

Student Rights & Responsibilities

To develop their capacities and profit from the school education program to the limit of their abilities. To receive respectful consideration as individuals. To expect rules to be reasonable. To accept consistent application of the rules. To receive assistance from all school services. To acquaint themselves and comply with the regulations of the school and […]

Off-Limits Areas

The following areas are off-limits to students: All parking lots and the bike compound are off limits to students during school hours unless arriving at or leaving campus. Students are not allowed to hang out in the parking lot during class time, passing period, or lunch time. The cafeteria kitchen, it’s back entrance, the snack […]