Technology Use

With the infusion of technology into the classroom comes responsibility. If a student violates the privilege he/she will no longer be allowed to access any of the computers at Marina High School. In addition, students who inappropriately use the equipment (i.e. bypass acceptable student areas in the software, steal passwords, attempt or complete the bypass […]

Student Rights & Responsibilities

To develop their capacities and profit from the school education program to the limit of their abilities. To receive respectful consideration as individuals. To expect rules to be reasonable. To accept consistent application of the rules. To receive assistance from all school services. To acquaint themselves and comply with the regulations of the school and […]

Off-Limits Areas

The following areas are off-limits to students: All parking lots and the bike compound are off limits to students during school hours unless arriving at or leaving campus. Students are not allowed to hang out in the parking lot during class time, passing period, or lunch time. The cafeteria kitchen, it’s back entrance, the snack […]

Honor Code

Honesty, integrity, responsibility and mutual respect are the keys to true learning. The purpose of the Marina High School Honor Code is to promote a community of trust that will support student achievement. Students who accept responsibility for creating a climate of academic integrity will benefit for a lifetime. Regarding Academic Integrity Marina High School […]

Dress Code

All pupils have the responsibility to themselves and to other members of the student body to attend school appropriately dressed. Each student shall dress in accordance with good standards of health and safety, and students not meeting these standards may be asked to change clothes, have clothes brought from home or sent home to prepare […]

Personal Conduct

Student Conduct Students are expected to act within the boundaries of good taste while on campus or on buses. Obscene gestures, profanity, and PDA (Public Display of Affection) are examples of unacceptable behavior. Students will be warned and will be cited for defiance of authority and referred to the Vice Principal’s office if they fail […]

Dance Policy

Use the dress code below to make sure you are appropriately dressed. You and your date will need to show proper I.D’s. Marina students MUST have a current Marina I.D. card and non-Marina dates must have a picture I.D. of some kind. Replacement I.D. cards can be purchased in the Activities Office any day during […]