Closed Campus & Lunch Passes

In accordance with the policy of theHBUHSD, a CLOSED CAMPUS will be enforced.

  • Lunch Passes:: Parents must come to school and sign the lunch permit.Lunch passes will be issued only for 11thand 12thgrade students to go home for lunch.Freshmen and sophomores must remain on campus for lunch. Students found in violation of this agreement will receive disciplinary action.
  • Visitors:: Adults must obtain a visitors pass and parking pass from the receptionist.Student visitors are not allowed on campus. The campus includes the parking lots, access roads, bridges, and athletic fields. Violators may be subject to arrest or citation.
  • Deliveries::Floral, gift, balloon, etc. deliveries will not be accepted.
  • Students mustcarry the school ID card with bar code at all times, if lost or damaged, the replacement charge is $5.00(Wednesday only at Lunch in room 301). Students found without ID will be given Saturday school.
  • Students without a class must be in the library or off Campus.