Marina High School Clubs and Groups 2016-2017
Clubs : CurriculumSponsorMeeting DayPlace
Art ClubMr. DowdellWednesday/LunchRoom 247
Construction Tech.Mr. Meade1st Wednesday/LunchRoom 312
Culinary Arts ClubMrs. LeeTuesday/LunchRoom 242
Digital Cinema Theory & Production ClubMr. HumeM - F 5th PeriodRoom 130,139
Drama ClubMrs. Bates1st/3rd Mon/LunchRoom 127
Endeavors Recycling ClubMrs. SerranoWed. P3/Thurs.P6/Lunch 2xRoom 423
FCCLA-FHAMrs. Bratcher/Mrs LeeFriday/LunchRoom 243
ImprovMr. EvansMon./Wed. 2:45-5:00pmThe Bowl
Japanese ClubMr. LeechThursday/LunchRoom 204
Keys to Success - Connections ClubMrs. RagsdaleWednesday/LunchRoom 123
MAC (Motorcycle & Automotive Club)Mr. WilfertFriday / LunchRoom 310
Marina Fashion ClubMrs. Bratcher1st/3rd Mon/Lunch & 5thRoom 243
Marina Math & Robotics TeamMr. ZookTuesday/LunchRoom 216
Marina Wave-Environmental Science ClubMr. ZiemannWednesday/LunchRoom 116
Mu Alpha ThetaMr. BoogarThursday / LunchRoom 220
Runes-Literacy ClubMr. Rasmussen1st Tuesday/LunchRoom 123
Science National Honor SocietyMr. EhlersEvery Other Mon./LunchRoom 212
Video Game Development ClubMrs. CunneenWed./Thurs./LunchRoom 234
Virtual Enterprise-Skills USA ClubMrs. CunneenMonday/LunchRoom 234
Clubs : Non-CurriculumSponsorMeeting DayPlace
Better StartMr. Boogar1st Wednesday/LunchRoom 220
California Scholastic FederationMrs. FeltenFriday/LunchRoom 128
Cat ClubMrs. MoliooFriday/LunchRoom 132
Creative Writing ClubMr. KramerTuesday/LunchRoom 138
Express MHSMr. KramerThursday/LunchRoom 138
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)Mr. MarshallEvery other Tues./LunchGym
Fresh StartMr. ZiemannTuesday/LunchRoom 116
GenerationsMr. ZiemannMonday/LunchRoom 116
Habitat for HumanityMrs. CooperEvery other Fri./LunchRoom 125
H.B. Reads Book ClubMrs. HardyThursday/lunchRoom 222
Joni's AngelsMrs. YoshiyamaEvery other Fri./LunchRoom 134
Junior State of America ClubMr. FortnerThursday/LunchRoom 108
KindleMrs. YoshiyamaFriday/LunchRoom 134
KIWIN'S of Key Club InternationalMr. Cory RasmussenThursday/LunchRoom 123
Marina Car ClubMr. ArnoldWednesday/LunchRoom 101
Marina Key ClubMr. CowanTuesday/LunchRoom 211
Marina Make-A-Wish ClubMrs. SimmonsMonday/LunchRoom 128
Marina Roller HockeyMr. ClarkFriday/4 pmThe Rinks HB
Marina Vietnamese Student AssociationMr. NguyenThursday/LunchRoom 224
Marina Weight Lifting ClubMr. EhlersWednesday/LunchRoom 218
Nerd ClubMr. MushaneyThursday/LunchRoom 110
Parkour ClubMrs. McKernanTues. & Thurs./LunchRoom 214/Bowl
PawsMrs. MarcinThursdayLunchRoom 217
Rap SanctumMrs.PetersonWednesday/LunchRoom 236
Red Cross ClubMr. EhlersWednesday/lunchRoom 212
Rho Kappa History Honor SocietyMr. ZiemannWednesday/LunchRoom 116
Ribbon's SocietyMrs. YoshiyamaMonday/LunchRoom 134
She's The FirstMr. EvansFriday / LunchRoom 124
Surfrider FoundationMr. EhlersEvery ofther Thurs/LunchRoom 212
Table Top GamingMrs. CooperTuesday/LunchRoom 125
True ColorsMr. EhlersMonday/LunchRoom 212
Ukulele ClubMr. NguyenFriday/LunchRoom 224
UnicefMrs. MoliooWednesday/LunchRoom 132
United Christian ClubMr. LauderWednesday/LunchRoom 210
United People Club (Club UP)Mrs. SimmonsFriday/LunchRoom 128
Viking ChessMr. BoogarEvery ofther Fri./LunchRoom 220
Viking Hiking ClubMrs. HatsushiThursday/LunchRoom 253
Vikings FutsolMr. FredlowTuesdays/LunchRoom 133
We The People MHSMr. ZiemannTuesdays/LunchRoom 116
Yosh PongMrs. MoliooWed./Lunch & Fri. 2:30Room 132
ASB CommitteesSponsorMeeting DayPlace
Mock TrialMr. B Clark/Mr. FloresM/W after schoolRoom 104