Vehicles & Parking Permits

It is a privilege to bring a vehicle to school and parking facilities are provided as a convenience for students. Failure to comply with all MHS and/or the California Vehicle Code Regulations may result in disciplinary actionand a citation.

  • All vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles and autos must be parked in designated areas.The side roads and back parking lot are restricted for staff use onlyStudentsmay notpark in staff parking, visitor parking or any red zone.
  • Vehicles parked on campus are subject to search, under certain conditions.
  • Parking Permits will be give to only Juniors and Seniors with valid Drivers License. Permits will bedistributed by security at the time of registration in August. After registration, permits may be obtained in the Office of School Police.Permits do not guarantee a parking space. Students must present a valid CA. drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance to obtain a permit.
  • Student parking is designated by white painted spaces. Staff parking is designated by yellow painted spaces.
  • Visitor parking is located in front of the 100 and 300 buildings and is designated by green painted spaces. Visitors do not need a visitor pass while parked in visitor parking.

Illegal parking may result in a citation. The following fine/bail amounts will apply.

  • 21113.A1 C.V.C. Parking Permit Not Displayed $34
  • 21113.A2 C.V.C. Expired Parking Permit$34
  • 21113.A3 C.V.C. Invalid or Unauthorized Permit$59
  • 21113.A4 C.V.C. Vehicle Backed into stall $34
  • 21113.A5 C.V.C. Red/Zone or No Parking Area$40
  • 21113.A7 C.V.C. Trespassing/ unauthorized vehicle on campus $52
  • 21113.A8 C.V.C. Failure to park in provided space$34
  • 21113.A9 C.V.C. Student parked in visitor or staff parking$34
  • 22500.1 C.V.C. Parking in a fire lane$59
  • 22507.8 C.V.C. Unauthorized parking in a handicapped space $255